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    Post-apocalyptic festival «ThePit»

    Post-apocalyptic festival «ThePit»

    Post-apocalyptic festival «ThePit» - is a way to imagine yourself as a stalker who survives the deceased in the world, fighting the mutants hiding from radiation in the underground, etc.
    For all fans of "Metro 2033", "Stalker" "MadMax", "Fallout", and others  will be interesting to visit the post-apocalyptic festival «ThePit», which will take place in Brovary, near Kiev, from the 1st to the 3rd of July.
    The irresponsible attitude towards nature, pollution, global unsuccessful experiments scientists - such things will inevitably lead to global catastrophe. Mass extinction, the appearance of mutants, the inability to exist on the Earth. Wasteland, survival, really crazy game - all enveloped doomsday atmosphere, feeling the last hope of surviving in this strange and terrifying world.
    If you want to forget about stuffy offices, routine work and everyday problems, you should visit the festival «ThePit» and finally feel the drive, adrenaline, fun and to break away!
    Where: The Festival will pass in Brovary (about 12 km from Kyiv). You can get there by shuttle bus from the metro station Lisova (any bus) or by car, all from the same station Lisova.
    Price: 100-350 UAH.
    Dress code: post-apocalyptic. Turn on your imagination and do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, because it is not so easy to do!
    Author: Галина Двуреченских

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