Tbilisoba on Andreevsky 2017
07.10.2017 - 07.10.2017

Tbilisoba on Andreevsky 2017

The festival of Ukrainian-Georgian friendship will be held for the sixth time on Andreevsky Spusk. This year, the Tbilisi holiday in Kiev coincides with the traditional Tbilisoba in Tbilisi. The holiday starts on October 4 by the opening of the exhibition of Georgian artist Tamaz Avaliani in the Museum-workshop of I.P. Kavaleridze.

On October 7 and 8, the guests of the festival will have a big musical program: two vocal ensembles "Alilo" and "Muto", the performer of Georgian folk songs Natalie Gogotidze come from Georgia on the holiday. The Tbilisi collective, already familiar to the people of Kiev - The Theater Quartet will perform Georgian city songs in the Bulgakov Museum. A special gift to visitors will be a performance of the Kiev Fantastic Orchestra with the works of Gia Kancheli and a special Georgian set from the B & B project. The program of the festival also includes performances by groups of Yarra, 77CHASOFF and favorite of the Kiev public Shmagi Taghiashvili.


Traditionally in the program of the holiday:
  • Concert of Georgian dance groups on the main stage
  • Master classes on Georgian dances
  • Competition-quiz "I love Georgia"
  • Georgian Literary Readings
  • Photo exhibition
  • Interactive art projects
  • Children's program
  • Photos of the area for guests
  • Tasting of Georgian wines
This year you are waiting for two scenes - which means more master classes on dancing and more prizes. The current festival opens with a remarkable art exhibition in the Museum-Workshop of Ivan Kavaleridze.

The map, the full program and the announcement of the concert participants will appear here in the near future, and for now - let all friends and acquaintances know about the date and together we will ask the Heaven for good weather !!

When: October 7-8


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