Ukraine Avia Fest - the most ambitious aviation festival in Ukraine
15.09.2016 - 15.09.2016

Ukraine Avia Fest - the most ambitious aviation festival in Ukraine

Even more aircraft, entertainment and workshops

Ukraine Avia Fest

Total number of visitors - more than 110 000 people since 2013
The total number of equipment - more than 100 units


Ukraine Avia Fest 2016 - even more aircraft, entertainment and workshops, as well as:
  • latest aircraft fr om Antonov Design Bureau
  • modernized helicopters and aircraft of the "Motor Sich"
  • planes in the sky
  • operating aircraft aerial surveillance and aerial photography Ukrainian Armed Forces An-30, which bright farewell will be held during the festival on September 18 (the Board departs on a mission to Georgia)
  • most age-flying aircraft Ukraine wooden Po-2 (fly under its own power from Kharkov)
  • Aerospace Center will present a working model rockets - the winner of many prestigious competitions.
  • demo launch of different models of aircraft engines
  • modern UAVs - quadrocopters, drones, radio-controlled models
  • 7 museum exhibits open to the public
Ukraine Avia Fest - it's three days of complete superiority aircraft. All this time the heavens and the earth in Jules area will be filled with the best samples of airplanes and helicopters: legendary, and even the most modern ones, which Ukraine has not seen.


Total in Ukraine Avia Fest will involve more than 100 aircraft units (more than thirty invited aircrafts), including:
  • Pipistrel SW - the winner of the international competition of NASA General Aviation Technology Challenge;
  • Mooney M22 - the most legendary board, which was made a non-stop 13-hour flight from New York to Paris in 1967;
  • The twin-engine six-seat Beechcraft Baron D55 1969, American air limousine;
  • Aeroprakt A-22LS - classic "Ultralight" with a tractor propeller;
  • "Combat" aircraft EXTRA 300LP aircraft Sports Federation of Ukraine, which is designed for the advanced pilot training and participation in the competition program of all classes, as well as in the air show levels unlimited free-style;
  • The world's largest transport helicopter MI-26;
  • test sample of IL-86 first in the world, released from the factory without a cabin, especially for test flight characteristics;
  • Presidential Board, which flew all the previous presidents of Ukraine;
  • airplanes and helicopters of civil and military aircraft of different generations, including most adult aircraft in Ukraine - Po-2 (U-2);
  • airfield and rare equipment.



ultramodern AN-178, which was presented at the international air show "Farnborough-2016" in London and got a lot of exciting reviews by international experts after the demonstration flight.


The festival program includes: flight simulator, mini modeling, the creation of flying model airplanes with your own hands, launching aircraft engines, training pilots to fly, photo in the cockpit, extreme flying in the sky with a slingshot with a free-fall, safe jumping for everyone with five-meter height, the master classes for managing parachute to the ground, show drones, street food and lots of entertainment for adults and children. Everyone will be able to try themselves as a pilot, flight attendant, or mechanic in real winged cars.


On the territory of Ukraine Avia Fest presents three thematic expositions - Mate, motor and long-range aircraft, as well as a favorite by adults and children Experimentarium. Experienced professionals in the spectacular form will talk about the basic physical and chemical principles of aircraft operation.


Visitors waiting area of "virtual reality", wh ere drone flight with the help of special glasses can be seen from a height of Kiev, which will shoot the video in real-time.


A special place in the festival program devoted to children's entertainment:
  • The scene with live music
  • Flight simulators, parachute ride, laser tag
  • Dome cinema
  • Arrivals by electric vehicles
  • Horse rides
  • Air and radio school
  • Cleaning of aircraft
  • Ukrainian legion of master classes on military training and shooting range
  • foam disco
  • Exciting aviaquests
For those wishing to eat in the open air is waiting the point with street food and sweets and surprises fans - secret Festival BOARD.


  • Antonova Bureau 
  • Motor Sich
  • Air Force of Ukraine
  • TCO Ukraine (Ukraine Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet)
Discounted tickets can be purchased on the official website event. For children under 14 years accompanied by their parents and aviaprofessy upon presentation of supporting documents - admission is free.

Join Ukraine Avia Fest - and become one with the sky!

Official website:
Date of the event: September 16-18 (Friday 10:00-16:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-19:00)
Place: National Aviation Museum, Medovaya St., 1 (near "Zhulyany" airport).
Organizers: Event agency ICRA, and National Aviation Museum, with the support marketing agency
Ticket price for 1 day of the festival: from 100 UAH.


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