Anniversary Kyiv Food and Wine Festival 2018
19.05.2018 - 19.05.2018

Anniversary Kyiv Food and Wine Festival 2018

This year, the main gourmets will gather for the tenth, anniversary festival, where the wine will flow with a river, and the snacks will be so delicious that no one for a moment will remember the diet! In this festive weekend Ukrainian winemakers will prove that they do not lag behind their foreign competitors. 19884284_1688614987851017_7544002915201389896_n-1-660x350.jpg
But the Kyiv Food and Wine Festival is not just about wine and food! There will also be a lot of art, lecture halls, live music, active and passive rest and even ... a wine race! Well, and that the best drunk drink not only in Ukraine, but also in Georgia, Spain, Italy, France, Moldova will be splashing in the glasses - and it's not worth talking about again. In addition, lovers of the most delicious aphrodisiac, oysters, in general will be in the seventh heaven of happiness.

Entrance fee: 80 UAH
When: May 19 - 20, 11:00
Where: VDNG, Akademika Glushkov Avenue, 1

Author: Погрибная Инна
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