Where to go on Easter 2019 in Kiev

Where to go on Easter 2019 in Kiev

This year, Ukrainians are waiting for early Easter - they will celebrate the bright holiday on April 27. Easter week is one of the most favorite periods of Ukrainians, therefore in the capital these days, usually, many interesting events are planned.

Master class on Easter Eggs

Of course, beautiful Easter eggs for every taste today can be bought in almost any store. But isn't it more pleasant and more interesting to paint them with your own hands, and even attracting the whole family to this interesting creative activity. And it will be possible to learn how to do it any day before the holiday in the art-studio "Lіhtarik" in Kiev. And besides - to find out the long and fascinating history of this process and various ornaments.
When: Every day until April 28, 10:00, 11:30, 15:00, where - Art Studio "Lіhtarik", Bastionnaya Street, 5-a

National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogovo"

Easter-2019 in Kiev is a lot of interesting options, but if you want to know how our ancestors celebrated this holiday, you can visit the Pirogov Museum. Here you can taste delicious cakes and other traditional dishes. Well, the next day, the museum will arrange a traditional Oblivaya Monday.
When: April 27-28, where is the Pirogovo National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

Mamaev settlement

In Mamayeva settlement, everything starts on Saturday evening with all-night service. Further, there will be a consecration of Easter cakes and a procession. Continue the holiday in Mamyova settlement offer on Monday.
When: April 27-28, where - Mamaev settlement, Mikhail Donets Street, 2

Exhibition of violets

The holiday is a good mood, delicious food and flowers. Such a simple associative series will come to mind literally to everyone. Therefore, we recommend these days to visit the exhibition of fragrant and incredibly beautiful flowers - violets. At the exhibition you can see and smell many different varieties of these flowers, as well as get useful advice fr om those who know a lot about these capricious beauties.
When: May 6, from 10:00, wh ere - N.N. Grishko National Botanical Garden (Building №6)

Well, you can find out what weekend Ukrainians are waiting for in May, and what interesting events you can start planning now, on the CityCard website.

Author: Инна Погрибная