Where to go on a weekend in Kyiv on 2-3 February 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Kyiv on 2-3 February 2019

The organizers, as if by agreement, have prepared a lot of interesting themed entertainment. For example, hurry to visit the Winter Country at VDNG or the Castle of Ice Sculptures.

Kingdom of ice castles

Previously, you watched with envy on TV as fabulous ice castles grow in China or Japan? Today you can enjoy the wonderful sight in your native Kiev, leave the memory of him on a bright photo, and then experience the joy of children by taking a ride fr om a twenty-meter ice slide.
Cost: fr om 110 hryvnia
When: February 2-3, 2019
Where: VDNH, Prospect Academic Glushkov

Winter country at VDNH

Rather, return fr om the warm seas-oceans to the Winter country on VDNH! This year you can visit the exposition Ice Age, the quest pavilion the House of Interactive Adventures, the Castle of Ice Sculptures. For special gourmets, a New Year's fairy tale fr om directors Konstantin Tomilchenko and Alexander Bratkovsky Winterra. Legend of the fairy land. And if we consider that 2020 is not far off, to your review - the city residence of the world famous factory of Christmas tree decorations, Klavdievo.
Cost: from 390 hryvnia
When: February 1-3, 2019, wh ere: VDNH, Academician Glushkov Avenue

Film-parable about Nothing

Tired of banal TV shows and primitive action films? Then look at the satirical documentary parable about Nothing. It runs away from everyone, from home, because every time it comes into contact with misunderstanding and indifference. First and last time trying to contact us. The viewer opens 20 thousand pages of reading to study the topic, 8 years of filming in 70 countries with 62 operators; music from grandmasters cabaret Pascal Komlyad and The Tiger Lillies; poetic story offscreen voice Iggy Pop. The film is broadcast in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles. Intrigued? Then visit the session.
Cost: 120 hryvnia
When: February 2, 19:00, wh ere: cinema Zhovten, Konstantinovskaya street, 26

Malbec x Suzanne

We are not talking about business, but about music ”- such a vital position of Malbec and Suzanne, known from the tracks Indifference and Hypnosis (more than 20 million views on YouTube). This Russian duo will perform in Kiev for the first time and presents a new disc Reptiland. Hurry up, because the formats change frequently.
How much is: from 660 hryvnia
When: February 2, 19:00, wh ere - Atlas, st. Sich Riflemen, 37-4

Items on the UFW. Hamlet Zinkovsky / Bob Basset

Often we are looking for pretentiousness and curiosities, but it is worth looking at ordinary things. This is what the unique exhibition of world-famous artists declares. The exposition is devoted to items that are completely mundane for the fashion industry: mirrors, scissors, masks. Bob Basset, faithful to techno-romanticism, called his Golgotha ​​ironically. But Hamlet Zinkovsky will present the Wall of scissors - a panel of scissors five meters high and eight meters wide.
Cost: entrance to the exhibition is free
When: 2-3 February at 15.30, wh ere - Kiev, M. Arsenalnaya, Mystetsky Arsenal, ul. Lavrskaya, 12

Well, you can find out about what new places you can visit in the capital on the CityCard website.

Author: Погрибная Инна
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