Where to go on a weekend in Kyiv on 30-31 March 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Kyiv on 30-31 March 2019

You did not even have time to blink an eye, as the first month of spring raced? Then it's time to stop losing so valuable time and get to work! Or rather - for the rest.

Oleg Kadanov

We suggest starting this weekend with a portion of interesting music. On Friday in the capital, the leader of the groups "Che Orchestra", "Kerouac Mantras" (Kharkov), the participant of the "Mannerheim Line" Oleg Kadanov will speak. This is not an artist for the masses, but this is a man who has been creating real musical mystic for many years. Describing what he shares at his concerts is difficult. We recommend just to go and hear your own ears.
Cost - 200 hryvnia
When: March 29, 20:00, where is the musical space of MK, Bohdan Khmelnitsky Street, 57b

Opening Street Food

The city’s most delicious festival is back! This means that it is too late to lose weight by the summer and it is time to surrender to hedonistic desires. At least this weekend, which is scheduled to open a new season of street food. Whoever did not know or forgot - it is about the fest, which presents the food of the most diverse peoples, there are beauty-zones, music, a sea of ​​communication and other interesting activities. In addition, this festival will have its own elections, except that the vote here will be not for politicians, but for the best steak or noodles.
Cost - 130 hryvnia
When: March 30 - 31, 11:00 -23: 00, where - Art Plant Platform, Belomorskaya Street, 1

Festival of Scientific Absurd 2.0

Have eaten It is fashionable to take up science as well, but not for a boring and complicated one, but for one that will obviously appeal to everyone. Especially for those who always have a million questions in their heads. In particular, in the field of chemistry, biotechnology, microbiology. Here I will just talk about the complex, set up experiments and explain various phenomena. It will be interesting to both adults and kids.
Admission is free, but do not forget to register.
When: March 30, 11:30, where - UNIT Factory, st. Dorohozhitskaya 3

Android premiere. Number on your back

This cybernovela will allow you to think about how, hiding every day for haste, trash and turmoil. Sometimes it is so difficult to consider important things, to understand yourself and the world around ...
Cost - 200 hryvnia
When: March 30, 19:00, where is the Maly Theater, Oles Gonchar Street, 33

Meeting of bloggers and journalists

This will be the first meeting of this kind. In one place, bloggers and journalists will gather to discuss the most relevant events and news for their profession. Here you can learn a lot of important and useful things. Well, of course, show yourself, make new useful contacts.
Cost - 60 hryvnia
When: March 31, 19:00, where - COFFEE and the CITY, Saksaganskogo Street, 118
Well, you can find out what artists are already packing their bags before their trip to the Ukrainian capital on the CityCard website.

Author: Инна Погрибная