Alessandro Safina in Lviv

Alessandro Safina in Lviv

This name is really famous! In the Lviv Opera, you will be delighted to enjoy the world-famous voice. Alessandro's voice is unforgettable and charismatic... And his owner has great creative courage. The artist's dream, which has always been with him, is to bring the art of opera closer to each listener. After all, the aria of Eugene Onegin or Bohemia were very boldly and even somewhat cunningly intertwined with elements of pop music. Alessandro presented the world with unsurpassed duets with Sarah Brightman, Elton John, Jose Carreras, Rod Stewart, Ewan McGregor, Barbara Hendricks, Sumi Yo, etc.... He is one of the few Western performers who, despite the difficult times for Ukraine, came here in March 2014, to express his sincere support. This is worth the respect!


Where: Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater
When: March 11 at 19:00

Author: Оксана Ведмеденко
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