Shakespeare's play in Lviv

Shakespeare's play in Lviv

In the performance of the Les Kurbas theater

12 night Performance

The action of comedy takes place in a fictional country - Illyria. The ruler of Illyria, the Duke of Orsino, is in love with Countess Olivia. The countess in mourning for the death of her brother and father. At the same time, the twins - brother and sister Sebastian and Viola, shipwrecked, found themselves in Illyria and lost each other.

Viola, disguised in menswear, appears at the court of Orsino. The duke was pleased by a young man named Caesario (this name took herself Viola), and he brings him closer to himself. Viola falls in love with the Duke. But Orsino does not notice this and gives his new page an order to go to Olivia and try to woo her. Who could have known that Olivia would fall in love with Caesario? ..


Director - Eugene Hudzik
Set designer - Vladimir Stetskovich
Costume Designer - Irina Lisa

  • Duke, Premier - Nikolay Bereza
  • Viola, Cesario, Sebastian, First Prima - Tamara Gorgisheli
  • Maria, Costume, Nymph - Oksana Kozakevich
  • Malvolio, Promler, 2nd actor, 3rd actor - Vasily Kolesnik
  • Olivia, Young actress - Maria Kopitchak, Miroslava Rachinskaya
  • Sir Andrew, Captain Antonio - Denis Sokolov
  • Sir Toby, The oldest and most respected actor, director - Oleg Stefan
  • Fest, Curio Assistant, 1st actor, assistant director - Yaroslav Fedorchuk
Duration - 3:20 with intermission

Where: Theater of Les Kurbas, st. Lesya Kurbas, 3
When: June 16 at 19:00

Author: Оксана Ведмеденко
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