Truffaldino from Bergamo performance

Truffaldino from Bergamo performance

Based on the play by Carlo Galdoni

Truffaldino from Bergamo or Servant of two gentlemen

Today's generation of Zankovtsi has its own special colors for writing the atmosphere of Venice of the Renaissance with its spirit of mass festivities, the glitter of costumes and ornaments, the smiles of beautiful women and the courage of desperate young men. The feeling of the beauty of the moment is what the comedy delo arto is forever alive, but only on the condition that we let it into our world. "Role masks are chosen, you can even become a king!" Or a poor man, a woman or a man, a servant and a victor at the same time. Impossible is possible if love is a religion and the driving force of actions. Remove the mask and not lose yourself among the thousands of other clowns - a difficult question in a seemingly frivolous, windy comedy.

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Truffaldino, will confuse the already difficult life vicissitudes of the two main pairs of lovers - Beatrice and Florindo, Clarice and Silvio, serving two masters at once, and, dexterously, laughing, turns out of the traps that every step falls on, finding a charming girl and for herself, Settling financial problems of their own and others'. All with ease, humor, dancing and humming, making believe that life is really a game, the game is noble, beautiful, with a happy ending.

Where: National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater. Maria Zankovetskaya, Lesi Ukrainki, 1
When: 30.01. 6pm
Phones for inquiries: (032) 235-55-83 (cash desk)

Author: Оксана Ведмеденко
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