Where to go on a weekend in Lyiv on 23-24 February 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Lyiv on 23-24 February 2019

Spring is getting closer, and the weather prompts you to move the sofa in the plans for the weekend and hold them more actively!


Duration 1 hour 15 minutes
Wedding has long been one of the main rituals of mankind. It is a kind of secrecy. In Ukraine, this ritual is celebrated differently in each region. Each ritual symbolizes well-being, happiness and a good destiny for newlyweds. And at the wedding many sing and dance. This is a holiday for the soul. The girl covers her head and becomes a wife for her husband. They go together in family life together. People are united and the two will forever become one. And this holiday is accompanied by an interesting fun and Ukrainian traditions that have come to us fr om our ancestors. This show is the first show of the Garden of the Divine Songs project.
Where: The Theater Center The Word and the Voice (38, Gorodotska St.)
When: February 23, 19:00

Performance of Hutsul year

Huzulschyna is a unique and colorful land. He has always been special in literature. Many writers addressed the Hutsul ethnos. And original folklore attracts many researchers. On the stage before you a real world of Hutsul life will come to life. You will learn about the main holidays of the Carpathian region, their customs and traditions. Hutsul year will live on stage in the face of the main holidays: Christmas, Easter, wedding, funeral. Even these hutsuls celebrate in their own way. The color of the ethnic group will bring costumes and unique songs that reflect the Hutsul worldview. You will be able to get acquainted with the culture, the spiritual world of the Hutsuls.
When: February 23, 18:00
Where: The National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater named after Maria Zankovetska (Lesia Ukrainka St., 1)


Of course, love is one of the most important feelings in the world. It was the story base for many novels and poems. In life, love is just as different. And each of us should feel that it is. Some of them lose, others lift up to heaven, and some - forever disappointed in love. It often happens that this feeling destroys the soul and cripples life. On the stage before you will live a story based on the drama of Lesja Ukrainka Blue Rose. Several plot lines that reflect the different types of relationships that are relevant in the modern world. Maybe someone will recognize them in them ...
Where: Lviv Academic Drama Theater. Lesia Ukrainka (36, Gorodotska St.)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Who does not know Tom Saur?
A young boy with a good heart has become one of the most popular images in the literature. He and the fences painted, and in various adventures fell and risked life to save another. The stage will have its own interpretation of the performance based on the work. Heroes will be dressed in Boho style, playing contemporary music. You will meet your favorite characters fr om the work of Mark Twain.
Where: The First Theater (Gnatyuk Street, 11)
When: February 23rd, 11:00

Exhibition Famous and Unknown Trushing. Fr om the wanderings. Stuff

The exhibition features works by modern artist Ivan Trush. His work is filled with new ideas. Ivan Trush - artist-novator. The paintings convey the beauty of what he saw while traveling by the artist in Hutsulshchyna, Crimea, Italy.
The exposition contains portraits of well-known clergy, politicians and members of the artist's family.
Where: The National Museum in Lviv. Andrey Sheptytskyy (20 Freedom Avenue)
When: February 23-24

Concert Angel's Voice

For you on stage will be a very talented artist Angel Georgiyev. Not only is he able to sing well, he is also the double champion of Ukraine from Thai boxing. Music is another calling. He impressed the judges with the X-factor. And on this Angel Georgiyev did not stop. He is the winner of international competitions. And now Angel Georgiyev is active in creative activity.
Wh ere: House of Organ and Chamber Music (Bandera Street, 8)
When: February 23, at 19:00

100 things and nothing more

Year: 2018
Director: Florian David Fitz
Country: Germany
Cast: Florian David Fitz, Mattias Schweighofer, Miriam Stein and others.
The film tells about two friends. One day they decided to give up their habitual life and change their way of life. The fact is that each of us has certain weaknesses. We all depend on something. Some of the social networks, others - computer games and this list can be continued. Our heroes depend on shoes and look after their looks. They have made a pair that will last without it 100 days ...
Wh ere: Planet Cinema
When: February 23-24 (7 A under the Oak Street)

The Deadly Maze

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Director: Adam Robittel
Actors: Tyler Labin, Deborah Anne Wall, Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Nike Dodani, Adam Robittel and others.
And what would you do for $ 1 million?
The plot of the film describes the life of completely unfamiliar people who have joined the message. They were invited to take part in the game. They are locked in the room, and open it can only be deciphered tasks that are in the room. Heroes cover panic, they understand that the game is going to survive and they can die. They do not want to win any more, their only desire is to go out alive ...
When: February 23-24
Wh ere: Planet Kino (street Under the Oak, 7A)

Author: Анжела Рошеюк

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