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Bar B-Q Restaurant

Restaurant Bar B-Q is known and loved by connoisseurs of meat. We cook the most delicious steaks. Our smoking technology allows us to cook truly delicious food. And the size of portions will not leave you hungry. For those who want to relax in the evening with a glass of beer, we offer beer provided by our partner - Lviv brewery. Well, there is no beer without snacks - a wide choice of them for every taste!

Legend Restaurant

Virtuous ladies and gentlemen. Honorable townspeople and travelers. Knights and Princesses. The Legend tavern provides a welcoming and honorable reception to all the people of our glorious city. We are waiting for you in our ancient castle to feast in the authentic and traditional atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Bar Davinci

The first interactive bar in Odesa invites to visit! Delicious food, original drinks and a cozy atmosphere – we all look for similar characteristics when we visit a new institution. But can the bar truly surprise and captivate its guest? Bar Davinci proves that you can have fun not only with friends, but with intellectual games and riddles.

The restaurant differs from its competitors with its beautiful presentation and original atmosphere. There is everything to entertain the guest: while waiting for the order, you will be offered to learn the world of games and puzzles. The guest has the opportunity to create his own author's drink through ancient mechanisms. And fast, but an unusual presentation of the magnificent dishes prepared under the ciphered recipes of well-known inventor Da Vinci, will not leave indifferent any visitor of a bar!


"Bernardazzi" Restaurant

If you were not at the restaurant "Bernardazzi" and its atmospheric courtyard, then you are in Odessa, too, was not. While vacationing in the Black Sea pearl, do not forget to visit the building of the new exchange on Bunin 8. Here is this little Italy in the heart of the city. It always sounds beautiful music, and quiet conversations reign delicious smells and atmosphere of the holiday. In the menu you can find dishes of Mediterranean and European cuisine, original culinary delights and fine wines.

Restaurant "Dacha"

The restaurant opened not too long ago, but in that time reached of what is usually required for many years: he was recognized as the best restaurant of the city project.

"Kumanets" Restaurant

If you are fond of Ukrainian folklore and traditions, we read the works of Gogol and Nechui-Levitsky and dreamed to be on their pages, as in Odessa, be sure to check out the restaurant "Kumanets". Name, interior and kitchen speak for themselves. Crossing the threshold of places, you find yourself in a traditional Ukrainian hut with images, lamps, embroidered towels and ... the wood stove. 



Art Cafe "Closet"

At the heart of the city, on the Greek area is the art-cafe "wardrobe". Unfortunately, there is little of it, who knows, but those who know and visit all the time. It is ideal for those who like to eat and spend time wondering. In the menu you can find Italian cuisine, seafood and a great variety of cocktails.

Cafe "Compote"

Look at the cafe "Compote" Panteleymonovskaya or Deribasovskaya, and you will go to this place every time you come to Odessa. It seems that it is through this cafe is the border between Ukraine and France. The atmosphere is chic French and Ukrainian, and, more precisely, Odessa hospitality. Prepare home-style tasty and generously soundly. Servings enough to be satisfied and, at the same time, get up from the table without difficulty. We use only fresh, natural products. Strategic drink, you guessed it, a compote, delicious, rich, seasonal fruits and berries.

Dining "zharu-paru"

If you want to save on food and get as many impressions of the rest in Odessa, pay attention to such low places, as the dining room "zharu-paru". Despite the location in the city center, on the street. Greek, this place is rather like the good old student canteen than a fashionable cafe or restaurant.


If you are hungry, and have neither the time nor the inclination to cook yourself or go to a restaurant, very different rescue Food delivery services. The undisputed leader among such companies in Odessa is "Privozilka". This meal delivery service was opened in 2007 and has established as a reliable service to provide emergency food aid. 

"Ekipazh service"

If you broke your appetite and prepare no ability or desire, a great way out is ordering food at home or in a hotel room. Delivery service "Ekipazh service" is glad to help you. Official site includes more than 50 restaurants and cafes of Odessa, from which food can be ordered. To make a reservation, do not need to spend hours hanging on the line, waiting for operator response. All you need is a few clicks:

Restaurants in Odessa

Restaurants This city is always full of life, he rages and attracts tourists. The restaurant in Odessa offers the best in wide range. Each institution special and unique, so each client will find something to his liking. The best Odessa bars, cafes and restaurants always full of people who gather here with their second halves in romantic cafe or with her friends in bars and restaurants in the expensive luxury conclude important business contracts businessmen. Odessa City Card offers a directory, where you can choose a restaurant for wedding in Odessa, or a romantic place for a date, a popular bar in Odessa or the best restaurant in Odessa, where you can invite the whole family and friends for my birthday. You can also choose a restaurant for corporate parties in Odessa or watch children's cafe. If you have limited budget, look for inexpensive cafe in Odessa. While a guest card City Card you will not have to worry about their spending, because it implies a discount to restaurants in Odessa. Odessa offers a variety of places, which are suitable for any event. Some cafes and restaurants of Odessa are so colorful, that, as museums are created and stored the city's history in its walls. Here you will tell not only about the features of this or that places a menu in Odessa, but also tell local legends and secret history, fr om which simply breathtaking, as some restaurants have already a long history, have experienced more than one crisis, and trampled the competition quality. Almost every season, or even a month, opening new conceptual places in Odessa, among them restaurants, and pubs, and fashionable cafes and anti-creative spaces, which are very popular among young people and intellectuals of the city. In addition to its design and concept of the new restaurants of Odessa introduce radically new and bold culinary culture that is gaining popularity in a wide range of citizens and visitors alike. If you do not know how to choose a good restaurant in Odessa or where to go at the weekend in Odessa with friends or family, then you will help portal City Card, which you will choose the right institution without difficulty.

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