If you are already bored with the endless museums, theaters, clubs, and other enclosed spaces, and really want to relax on the open air, we invite you to Odessa zoo. This is a great place not only for recreation and entertainment, but also, above all, to expand the horizons and acquire new knowledge.

Botanical Garden

Today it is hard to believe that on the spot where now is blooming, Pestryaev parks and squares of Odessa, was a dismal, almost appokalipticheskaya steppe wasteland. The first botanic garden was founded in 1819 and was the first attempt of the city landscaping. And the first tree planted endlessly in love with Odessa Alexander Landzheron. In 1867 the garden was attached to the university, while Novorossiysk now - ONU Mechnikov.


Children's play complex "Leopark" is a completely new concept in the field of children's leisure activities. This is one of the largest entertainment centers in Ukraine.

Here, each child will have the opportunity and run over naprygalis enough.

Дитячий розважальний клуб "Грядка"

This children's entertainment club can be found on the fourth floor of a shopping and entertainment complex "The Fifth Element". Here you can leave your child at the time of shopping or a short business trip. You can be calm and confident your child will be fed, play with them, entertain and will not be bored for a minute. Naughty animators and attentive nanny will take care of all the children, they will hold contests and games, organizing workshops and show cartoons.


We offer one of the most exciting children's entertainment complex of Odessa. The complex "Limpopo" is part of the banquet house "Renaissance". It is open every weekend from 9:00 to 21:00 and is looking forward to your visit.

In this children's complex has everything you need, and only the most interesting for the organization of children's leisure. Rest will be a memorable and vivid.

"Magic world"

Children's entertainment complex - the world of children's joys and adult fun! "Magical World" - the best way to organize family entertainment!

Here, the biggest slides, trampolines softest, the most interesting competitions, the most attentive nanny, the most fervent animators.

Children's festival held here - a fairy tale in reality, it's miracles that the kids will remember for a long time!

Entertainment complex "Watercolors"

Entertainment Complex is a part of the restaurant with an exquisite menu, nice prices and exquisite furnishings; cafe for a quick lunch or snack, the first cup of coffee per day; banquet hall for all kinds of events and celebrations; karaoke bar, where you can find and perform a song in the mood; beauty salon, and a billiard room; rooms for conferences.

Complex "Igroland"

We offer family entertainment complex "Igroland"! There will be fun and exciting, not only your kids, but you yourself and your friends!

Nowhere else you will not find such a large and complex organization of children's leisure center as "Igroland"! There are lots of rides, toys, mazes, slides, shops with gifts and children's cafe. Why are only the emotions after the holidays spent in the showroom "Igroland"!

Family entertainment complex "Jumanji"

Our children - the most beautiful thing we have! They we're ready to give myself all without the rest, to say nothing of their time and effort. The Family shopping complex "Jumanji" You and your kids will find many interesting things. You have fun, played enough enough, and natantsuetes napoetes, naprygalis and oncoming. You will be pleased to see the happy eyes of his child, and he, in turn, once again thank you for such an adventure.

Children's Town "Papashon"

In the entertainment center Kotovskogo is a huge Children's Town "Papashon". There are rides and entertainment for even the youngest at the age of three years.

Children's Town is:

- A huge maze with air soft guns, trampolines and slides;

- Attractions for children: swings for children, air hockey which will be of interest not only children, but also their dad with mom too;

- Children's cafe, where the menu with pictures for kids and their parents. 

Dolphinarium "Nemo"

Dolphinarium "Nemo" in Odessa called the main cultural and recreational complex. If it has a hotel, a restaurant, a beach complex, aquarium, dolphin therapy center and the dolphinarium itself.

Dolphinarium is designed and built according to the latest international standards. The content in it animals also agreed with all the requirements and standards of the international system.

Laser Club "Terminal"

Laser Club "Terminal" - is a completely new concept and format of the celebration of children's parties and birthdays! It is the only in the city of Odessa three-story club laser. It is built on the most new and modern technologies.

It is noteworthy that the "Terminal" Laser Club has no age restrictions than is suitable for both the younger generation and older.

Odessa aquapark

Water Park in the city of Odessa has everything necessary for comfortable and mountains of vivid impressions. There is all the way down to your own personal waiter.

Gorki extreme, diverse and striking height and coolness. The highest of them is only comparable to the height of seven-storey house.

Despite the fact that the water park is located on the seventh kilometer Ovidiopil road to his regular buses and taxis to the city center and its different areas.

Spearfishing in Odessa

Do you want to really be surprised? It turns out, you can also hunt under water!

Laboratory of underwater technologies, and the International School of diving "Cousteau" invite you to try himself as a submarine hunter. Hunt, will be on the Black Sea mullet. Experienced instructors, with experience of over 15 years, will perform all the necessary instructions, test dives, etc. - all to make things safe, fun and exciting hunts in the depths of the sea.

Entertainment in Odessa

Entertainment The routine for a week or even the day, can be a maddening anyone. To this way of life is not exhausting, every gentle something like a "fasting days". Some people prefer to spend these days with the family, someone - with friends. Given that falls on a weekend, and find entertainment in Odessa is much easier in the main free time than on a weekday. While you ponder the question "where to go in Kiev?", We have made a catalog of the best options, how to spend your holiday in Odessa anytime. We offer a choice of cinemas for those who want to enjoy watching new movies, attractions for children and adults, entertainment centers, amusement parks extremes in Odessaand many other things that do not make you bored for a minute. Poster of cinemas in Odessa is also represented on the site, so you'll always be up to date, if you check for updates and read the news of Odessa on our portal City Card. It is clear that only millionaires can afford to spend a lot of money, not much considering the amount of all his whims. But you do not have to count every penny, because the card City Card and so gives you discounts at amusement park, cheap movie tickets and other benefits that can help save money on entertainment in Odessa. Do not think that in this catalog are only a certain type of leisure activities. On the site you can also find some interesting activities for children in Odessa, through which you will make your kids happier, because they are also tired of the monotony of school lessons.

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