Shopping in Odessa

Shopping Whatever the rumors and stories did not go, but there is in Odessa is something that attracts tourists like a magnet. As soon as the hot tourist season tickets for all modes of transport that can reach the city, they fly like hot pirozhki.Syuda ride not only on business, but also to rest. And with the rest, as usual, all dragged home a bunch of local souvenirs. Therefore, Odessa - it masshtabnіy center traders across the region, where the races put a lot of shops, markets and shopping centers, which are designed to make shopping in Odessaunforgettable and full of fun. Shopping for Odessa - is something familiar, because in this port city traded for centuries. Since the founding of Odessa all trades and trades, with all trades than you. Accordingly, you can find anything. In Soviet times, many were familiar with the term "push Odessa," which characterized the city as a place where you can buy everything, in spite of the continuous deficit. Since then much has changed, but the stores in Odessa and a variety of shopping centers just did populated city. The first urban market in Odessa located on the corner of the square of the Greek and Greek street. In the XIX century it was the site of a brisk trade, since at that time the city has been entered since the Franco-mode (duty-free trade). On Cathedral Square is a real "Mecca" for tourists as there are small souvenir shops in Odessa, where you can buy ceramic products, marine and national symbols, various crafts and other trinkets that will remain in the memory of the holiday in Odessa. A City Card can save on purchases, to shopping in Odessa did not last for you. Card Odessa City Card gives tourists discounts on purchases in Odessa, so that you will be able to buy cheaper clothes in Odessa without difficulty, souvenirs and other goods.

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