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RENTAL is a company that does not just rent out cars all over Ukraine. Organizing our business, we took into account the long-term experience of world-known distributors and adapted it to the specifics, needs and mentality of our customers.

Narscars Car Rental in Odessa

The Narscars company has transformed the car rental service from the luxury into an affordable, convenient and uninterrupted service operating in all regions of Ukraine. With our help, you can rent a car fleet for the needs of your business by selecting the most suitable models by size, passenger capacity, rental price or other parameters.

MAU Odessa

The company "Ukraine International Airlines' (UIA) clearly confirms that prices on air tickets to Kiev can be very affordable and democratic while maintaining the quality of services rendered. The main principle of the UIA is to ensure maximum comfort and safety in the absence of overpayments and overcharges.

Clients have an opportunity to book tickets online quickly and effortlessly pick up the route, select a class comfort and enjoy all the benefits of the service. With help of convenient site you need just a few minutes to book a ticket on suitable flight. You can choose any country. The proposal may interest business people and tourists as well as travelers.

Lion Avtoprokat

The international car rental company Lion is represented in five countries of the world where we have more than 30 offices and auto delivery points. In less than 10 years we built an excellent team and served a huge number of customers. Approximately we give out one car per hour.

Оптимальне таксі

This service works in the haulage market for more than 10 years. Book a taxi online, fixed telephone 734-47-34 or 579 from your mobile, you will spend a ridiculous amount of money, thus saving a lot of time. Optimal taxi - is the best solution to the problems with transport to Odessa and tourists.

Panther Express

"Panther Express" service for a long time and safely entrenched in the haulage market. The company operates since 1999, and during that time only dense old man who goes out of the house and does not use radio, television and the Internet, does not know the phone 34-2000 on Clearance and the slogan "comfortable, secure, convenient." The company "Panther Express" offers inhabitants of Odessa and offers the following services:

Transport in Odessa

Transport Odessa - is not just a city by the sea, where a bunch of tourists flock each year, it's a pretty big metropolis, in which all the time to move on its two foot will be problematic. Therefore, for a successful trip, you need a card in the hands of Odessa and a range of vehicles. Travel with the card Odessa City Card Odessa City Card - is not only a guide to the city, but also to the directory where you can find any suitable type of movement, learn the scheme of traffic, see the routes of buses and other public transport, as well as find out about prices and transport prices in Odessa: tickets from the tram to the price of rental cars in Odessa. The portal Odessa City Card you can easily book a taxi or tour bus, buy tickets or see the schedule of public transport Odessa. And if you have a guest card Odessa City Card, then you get a discount on these services. Odessa Transportation Due to the fact that in Odessa, home to more than a million people, and in addition every year come more and more tourists who want to get acquainted with this "jewel of the sea, the population is growing. Accordingly, one of the important infrastructures that develops persistently remains trucks Odessa. And our service Odessa City Card helps without problems and to navigate the complexities of its diversity, suggesting how to get from one point to another. In addition, in almost every corner of the city can be reached by electric transport system is one of the most developed in Ukraine. But it is necessary to take into account that the tram in Odessa - a very busy look of the vehicle, as the citizens of Odessa is a favorite transport. It is even a sort of symbol of the city, surrounded by local anecdotes. But if you prefer a more secluded option, then you can rent a car in Odessa or taxi. The main thing to remember that Odessa is always open for tourists and visitors, so you move around the city will be pleasant and interesting in any way.

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