Dizel Show in Odessa

Dizel Show in Odessa

Good emotions and lots of surprises

Meeting with the masters of humor

We invite all those who want to spend their time together with the favorite humorists of our country. You will have a lot of joy and laughter. Without humor it is difficult to have a realistic outlook on the world, it prolongs life and gives a relief fr om everyday problems. The event will be held in honor of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Waiting for you is a meeting with wonderful people, masters of humor and impersonation: Yehor Krutoholov, Oleksandr Berezhok, Yevhen Hashenko, Yevhen Smoryhin, Oleh Ivanytsya, Vitaliy Honcharov, Viktoriya Bulitko, Maryna Poplavska. Participants will give you a lot of surprises and a good mood. Relevant jokes, great atmosphere and lots of laughter await you. Come and have fun with your family.


When: March 5, 20:00
Wh ere: Musical Comedy Theatre

Author: Анжела Рошеюк
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