Where to go on a weekend in Odessa on 23-24 February 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Odessa on 23-24 February 2019

So here we are: new weekend!

Film How to tame the dragon 3

Country: USA
Year: 2019
Directed by Dean DeBloa
Cast: Kristen Wigg, Gerard Butler, John Hill and others.
We invite you to enjoy the continuation of your favorite cartoon about man and dragon. They did not always live in peace and harmony. People and dragons have fought against each other for many years. But thanks to the courageous guy Iking, others realized that dragons are not so dangerous. Together with their friend, Dadzubik's Derekon, they were able to reconcile all. Now the boy and the noodle must prevent the hunters fr om attacking the dragons. To do this, they go to the searches of the Hidden World ...
When: February 23-24
Where: The IMAX Cinema Planet (Marshal Zhukov Avenue, 2)

The Birth of the Star movie

Country: USA
Year: 2018
Director: Bradley Cooper
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga
It is not easy to succeed in the modern world. Sometimes mediocre people who have the money take places really talented individuals. It was the same with the heroes of this tape.
Film director Bradley Cooper became the protagonist of history. Love affair of distant 1937. They are completely different and creative people. He is a famous actor, whose career quietly dies, she is a starter. He decides to help his lover achieve glory, but without noticing himself, goes into the shadow. People have forgotten him, only depression and light taste of alcohol remained ...
When: February 23-24
Where: The IMAX Cinema Planet (Marshal Zhukov Avenue, 2)

Women's Quarter

(fr om the makers of the Evening Quarter, the premiere in Odessa)
They say: Laughter prolongs life. And it's true. Positive emotions and a sincere smile make our existence easier and easier. Therefore, girls fr om the quarter invite us to the evening of joy and laughter. Beloved participants in humorous shows and projects that have already made us love. They are ready to please us with unsurpassed jokes and funny scenes. Love life, whatever it may be. Smile more often, and the Women's Quarter will help you with this.
When: February 23rd
Where: Muzkomedia (Panteleimonovskaya street, 3)

The play is Tsarivna-jaba

Music and libretto - L. Fadeeva-Moskalenko
The musical fairy tale that is known to all of us will live on stage for you.
The show uses bright costumes that deliver colorful and accurate images. An integral part are unsurpassed scenery that you will remember for sure.
History tells us about a frog, which later turned into Tsarivna. And everything began with the fact that his father decided to marry his sons. He told them not to return without their wives. The king ordered his sons to launch the arrows, where it will fall, there will be their lot. Two of the three brothers found rich wives, and the younger hit the frog. Subsequently, it turned out that this beautiful girl, which Chachlik charmed, is immortal. But the fairy tale ends well and will surely cause a smile on your face.
When: February 23rd
Wh ere: Muzkomediya (Panteleimonovskaya street, No.)

Concert by Kateryna Buzhinskaya

Spend your weekends active and melodic. Visit the concert of the famous Ukrainian singer Katerina Buzhinska. Her songs are as beautiful as she herself. Katerina Buzhynka sings about love, passion, life.
She is one of the leading stars and has the title of People's Artist of Ukraine. Her talent can not be appreciated. Katerina is a multiple winner of various competitions, from which the Veselad music festival, Slavyanky bazaar. Spend your time well. At the concert you will hear your favorite songs such as Romanceiro, How We Have in Ukraine and others.
When: February 23, at 19:00
Wh ere: Ukrainian Theater (Pastera St., 15)

Narcocourier movie

Country: USA
Year: 2018
Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper. Michael Peña and others.
Earl Stone is a 90-year veteran of the Second World War. He is deprived of livelihood. And he has no family. Earl always put his career and work above his wife and children. And now his relatives have forgotten about him. And then he was offered a very interesting lesson: to work as a driver. He had no idea what he would bring drugs, and every day he would be at risk. And here they are followed by him ...
When: February 23-24, at 21:30
Wh ere: Golden Duke (Academician Glushko str., 11th)
Good weekend and wonderful mood!

Author: Анжела Рошеюк
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