Where to go on a weekend in Odessa on 26-27 January 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Odessa on 26-27 January 2019

Weekends are a great time to have a good time relaxing and having fun. And here are a series of activities that will give you great emotions and mood.


Country: France, Austria
Year: 2018
Director: Laszlo Nemesh
Actors: Yuli Yakab, Vlad Ivanov, Levente Molnar, Urs Rehn and others.
History takes us during the First World War. Harmful influences are still visible. The war has brought a lot of grief. Disadvantaged people and devastated lands in the eyes of the disadvantaged people were forced to behave somehow incomprehensible. But how did rich people behave? Perhaps the war did not capture all.
To the Budapest came the young and beautiful girl Iris Leiter. Here she wanted to work in a store where the hats were sold. Previously, the room belonged to her parents, and now the new owner just drives the girl out to the street. And brother disappears here ...
When: January 26th
Where: SHOW CENTER open space (Troitskaya St., 34)

Performance Tectonics of Feelings

History in the 2nd action
Based on the play by Eric Schmitt
The play tells us about the feelings that are inherent to all. A combination of different emotions that make people do different things. All the intrigues are spinning around Diana Promey. She is a successful and beautiful woman who has a charming man. Her life is just a fairy tale. Once, the fate played with her an evil joke and she falls into the cycle of events. In one moment everything is destroyed. She has to survive treason, severe illness and much more. And the very end of the show makes viewers understand their lives.
We invite everyone to the show.
When: Jan. 26, at 19:00
Where: The Russian Theater (Gretska St., 48)

Oscar and pink lady

Based on the work of Eric Schmitt.
Sometimes life plays with us, brings presents or troubles. Therefore, you should always be prepared for the unexpected.
History tells us about a boy who was diagnosed with leukemia. He only had to live for several days. You can not stop tears when you hear about such a terrible misfortune. But despite this, Oscar is the embodiment of wisdom and courage. And we, adults, have something to learn fr om him.
Oscar had a few days, but during this time he wrote letters to God. In them he described adult thoughts concerning the meaning of life. We invite you to a unique show.
When: Jan. 26, at 19:00
Where: The Doll Theater (Pasteur St., 15)

Disco bowling night

We invite you to visit the bowling club and get an impressive mood and good emotions.
Here you will find a lot of interesting things for you. You can play and dance at the same time. For you, the best of DJs will create the musical mood. In addition, many fun and gifts await you. Welcome!
When: Jan. 26, at 20:00
Where: City Bowling (Fontanka Village Riviera Mall)

Exhibition Out of time

What is the time? How does he change the world?
No one will say for sure about the value of time. We know one thing: under his influence the truths change. In art, time plays a very important role. One or another era covers one and the same event in different ways. In most cases, it will be about religion and mythology. The exhibition is dedicated to these topics. They are leading.
The exhibition of Alexander Antonyuk represents works that will eventually convey cult images.
You look in a new way to the already known to you. We invite everyone to the exhibition.
When: January 26-31, fr om 10:30 to 17:30
Where: Bleschunov House (sq. 6)

Performance Shadows of forgotten ancestors

The amazing love story of the Hutsul couple who shook the whole world will live on stage. Ancient ethnic people settled in the Carpathians themselves. Here dominate their customs and mountain rigidity. And the spirit of the ancestors is always present. Ivan and Marichka were extremely delicate. They loved each other. The violent waters Cheremosha took Marichka and since that time Ivan is not at peace. The Hutsul story of true love, which is not capable of destroying time, will forever remain in your memory.
When: January 27, at 18:30
Where: Ukrainian Theater (Pastera St., 15)

Dolphinarium Nemo invites

Do not know wh ere to go on the weekend? Then you come here. Dolphinarium Nemo and its inhabitants will gladly meet you. For all spectators a special program of the Uniform Planet has been prepared. The purpose of such a project is to bring people understanding of the ecological purity of our planet. You will be able to watch beautiful dolphins and seals and lions. Give joy to yourself and your loved ones.
When: January 26-27
Wh ere: The Nemo Dolphinarium (Langeron Beach)

Author: Анжела Рошеюк
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