Where to go on a weekend in Odessa on 9-10 February 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Odessa on 9-10 February 2019

Weekend already on the nose and we hope that everyone has already made a plan for them. Well, if suddenly not, then we will help!

Cold Revenge

Country: United Kingdom, USA, Norway
Year: 2019
Director: Hans Petter Müland
Cast: Liam Nison, Emmy Rossum. Laura Dern, Julia Jones, Tom Bateman and others.
History of vengeance and retaliation. After all, in this life you have to pay for everything. The story is based on Mr. Coxman's life. He enjoys authority among friends and fellow villagers, is an exemplary peasant. But at one point the world turns upside down for him. In the house comes a terrible misfortune: kill a son. And though his heart breaks out of pain, he finds strength to find those killers. With an icy heart, he begins to avenge the killers.
When: February 9-10
Where: Planet Kino (Kotovsky) st. Zatonsky, 32

Start over

Country: USA
Year: 2018
Director: Peter Seagal
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Mayo Ventimiglia, Vanessa Hudgens, Lea Remini and others.
Each of us dreams of a career, but not everyone has it. Why is this so? Maybe someone thinks that she is not available without education and diploma. But our heroine proved that this is not absolutely obligatory. May did not graduate fr om any university, but she firmly believes in talent and the desire to study and work. Once she decides to get a job. The only obstacle is the lack of a diploma. But with the help of his friend, who skillfully created her resume and fake page in the social network with her so-called achievements. I am taking a big company, where it can prove its capabilities and realize the conceived.
When: February 9-10
Where: Planet Kino (Kotovsky) st. Zatonsky, 32

Kruti 1918 movie

Country Ukraine
Year: 2019
Director: Alexey Shaparov
Actors: Alexei Trintko, Roman Yasinovsky, Bogdan Yusypchuk, Dmitry Stupka, Natalia Vasko
Language: Ukrainian
Courage. Love. Freedom
Our state has endured many terrible times. Ukrainians have always had a sense of patriotism. We remember and appreciate our history. The film tells us about the battle at Kruty, which is permanently captivated in our heads. Not far fr om Kiev, several hundred well-off students went to victims for the sake of Ukraine's salvation. In 1918 a battle took place near Kruty. Four thousand Red Army soldiers attacked our boys ...
When: February 9-10
Where: Planet Kino (Kotovsky) st. Zatonsky, 32

Film Interview with God

Country: USA
Year: 2018
Director: Perry Leng
Cast: Brenton Tutette, David Streeter and others.
What would you do if you had an opportunity to chat with God?
Imagine our hero got this gift. A young journalist, Paul Asher, is going to an interview with an unknown person. He knows everything about him. Paul does not understand: where and why this strange man calls himself God. We know only one thing: our hero has only three days to have time to ask everyone and learn everything.
When: February 9-10
Where: Planet Cinema (IMAX) Tayrova (Marshal Zhukov Avenue 2)

Performance Tectonics of Feelings

The story of love in two acts
We invite you to an unusual story of love and true feelings.
Diana Pomrey is a beautiful and spectacular Parisian woman who has everything she wants: a career, an attractive appearance and her beloved husband. But the fate brings them a surprise. Together with their beloved, they fall into the cycle of events: a sudden break, a lethal diagnosis, life under someone else's name. A hot story about life in all manners awaits you.
Performance based on the play by the French playwright Eric Schmitt.
When: February 9, 19:00
Wh ere: The Russian Theater (Gretska St., 48)

Performance Kolobok

We invite little kids to a beautiful fairy tale about Kolobka. A well-known story about the fugitive, who left the house of the Grandfather and Grandma. A favorite story that will always be in our hearts.
For children from 2 years old.
Duration: 40 minutes
When: February 9, at 11:00
Wh ere: Puppet Theater (Pastera St., 15)

Author: Анжела Рошеюк
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