City Card invites you to Vinnitsa - a city of fountains, love and sweets.

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City Card gives you discounts at restaurants of Vinnitsa.

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With City Card visit museums and excursions of Vinnitsa for free.

+38 043 252-60-15

Travel with City Card.

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With City Card top clubs of Vinnitsa are waiting for you.

+38 043 252-60-15

How to use Vinnitsa City Card?

  1. Vinnitsa City Card entitles you to discounts on multiple partners discount program in the project during the year, including free admission to museums and tours at discounted prices during the term of your Vinnitsa City Card.
  2. Card Vinnytsia City Card is valid until the end of 2015 after activation. Each card has a unique sixteen-digit code.
  3. You must specify it during the registration / activation maps on the site, as well as the services specified in the order (order number, or table, when ordering a car or excursions).
  4. Activation Vinnitsa City Card begins with registration on the website City Card (in the upper right corner of the site "Login" button - you have to enter a user name and password).
  5. Each card Vinnitsa City Card on the reverse side there is a column Sardholder. You have to write in this column in your name and the date of activation.
  6. Vinnitsa City Card without activation date will not be accepted in a network of partners.
  7. Vinnitsa City Card offers free admission to museums in the period of its validity.
  8. The full list of partners, providing discounts, as well as a list of museums and excursions included in the program will be posted on the website and in the guide.

Terms and conditions tickets "free entry":

  1. Tear-off ticket "free entry" remains in the booklet it yourself extracts Kathir museums / excursions.
  2. In other cases, the ticket is not valid.
  3. For a free entrance to the museum / guide present their card. Without activation card tickets can not be used.
  4. Each ticket you can use during the term of your card once.

IMPORTANT! If the Vinnitsa City Card you are not offered tickets "free entry" - this means that the card has a special offer from City Card and not to give free admission to museums.

  • The action of "Free entry" refers only to the entrance.
  • All additional services Museum / Gallery or project partners are paid on a common basis.

Buy Online:

When buying online Your E-Mail will card number. With the card number, before the trip, you can order discounted hotels, hostels, apartments, or to book a tour, taxi or car with a driver, as well as order a banquet.

Get your Plastic City card you can immediately upon arrival at the winery, a place convenient for you:

  1. In the office of City Card program on st. Soboranaya , 50, office 409. Telephone: +38 (0432) 69 03 79 or +38 (096) 169 03 79 For any address specified by you in the winery - FREE SHIPPING.
  2. To do this, when you make online purchases, or cash must specify the date and the desired delivery location.
  3. Buy Plastic City Card you can place convenient for you:
    • In the office of City Card program on st. Soboranaya , 50, office 409.
    • Telephone: +38 (0432) 69 03 79 or +38 (096) 169 03 79
    • For any address specified by you in the winery - FREE SHIPPING.
    • Project partners:
    • Museum Café "Pan Zavarkin and son", st. Internationalnaya, 3
    • Museum "AvtoMotoVeloFotoTeleRadio" st. Soboranaya 1
    • Shop - Salon Cosmetics and Perfumery "Ventage", st. Soboranaya, 43
    • Coffee "Slavic Yard", st. Hm. Highway, 21
    • Hotel and restaurant complex "PODOLYE" st. Pushkin 4
    • Partner list is updated every month.

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