Svyatoslav Vakarchuk with chamber orchestra

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk with chamber orchestra

The most beloved artist of the country, who is known and respected all over the world, the genius and sincere Svyatoslav Vakarchuk will perform with the chamber orchestra in Vinnitsa this April. At the piano will be the artist himself, who will perform old songs and new songs that are included in his ninth album. Vakarchuk himself said that he invented almost all of his compositions at the piano and for twenty years he wanted to perform them before the public in exactly the same way as they were created. And this spring, an artist in the company of a chamber orchestra under the leadership of Miloš Elich will realize his dream. "Obiimi", "Sky over Dnipro", "There, de us is mute" and other well-known songs will sound in a completely new way.
Ticket price - fr om 350 to 1650 hryvnia.
When: April 20, 19:00
Wh ere: House officers, Victory Square, 1

Author: Инна Погрибная
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