Cesho | Music of new generation

Cesho | Music of new generation

Cesho is an original project of the famous director Vlad Trinity, who conquers the world with his vision of the music of a new generation. Each performance of Tsesho is a social show, a mirror of modern reality, a new look at music. At the national selection for Eurovision-2019, they presented the composition Hate, dedicated to the acute problem of haitterism. Why you should definitely visit the concert Tsesho in Vinnitsa? Because these are five actors, as well as a cello, double bass, melodic, with an acephone, xylophone, percussion and accordion, which make the brightest show. This is something that is not forgotten over the years and that is forced not only to enjoy, but also to think about something important.
Ticket price - fr om 110 to 300 hryvnia
When: March 10, 19.00
Wh ere: Vinnitsa Philharmonic, Khmelnitsky highway, 7

Author: Инна Погрибная
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