Vinnitsa airport is waiting for serious repairs

Vinnitsa airport is waiting for serious repairs

Vinnitsa Airport (Gavrishovka) recently has repeatedly boasted of records and the pace of development. New flights increase passenger traffic, improve comfort. In addition, already in 2019 announced the reconstruction of the airfield, for which they intend to spend 2.2 billion hryvnia. Earlier it was about the amount, two times smaller. Changes will occur in two stages. The project provides for a comprehensive modernization of the technical systems and the creation of a new modern airfield complex. All this will allow to fully reveal the potential of traffic and increase the number of passengers. It is important to note that for the period of reconstruction the airfield will have to stop working, but only until the end of this year. Then he will work with a new force.
Well, about how more Vinnitsa is preparing to increase the number of tourists, find out on the CityCard website.

Author: Инна Погрибная
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