Where to go on a weekend in Vinnitsa on 2-3 February 2019

Where to go on a weekend in Vinnitsa on 2-3 February 2019

The last weekend prepared for the residents and guest of Vinnitsa many fascinating events for every taste. Choose a pleasant company and go replenish stocks of pleasant impressions and photos in the gadgets.

Crocodile farm in Vinnitsa

Do you have an excess of adrenaline, and do not want to throw away? Then we invite you to practically the first and so far - that the only Crocodile farm in Ukraine! This you have seen before only in the movies! The most ancient and dangerous predators of our planet will reveal to you the secrets of their habitat and coexistence. The farm contains the most interesting individuals of different species fr om all over the world. Fr om babies to giants 3.5 m long. In addition to crocodiles, you can see raccoons, nose, monkeys, meerkats, snakes, aquatic and land turtles, and lizards. A nice bonus for everyone - free photo with animals!
Ticket price - fr om 40 hryvnia
When: January 1-3 fr om 10.00 to 21.00, where - Vinnitsa Department Store (Gagarin Square, 2, 3 floor)

Cinema This is a school, Bro!

Cinema This is a school, Bro! its problems will not leave indifferent a broad category of viewers. And no wonder - after all, Liam was to a certain extent a victim of Claire’s mommy’s hyper-trust (many of our mothers do not understand the true needs of their children. Look at yourself from being an adolescent mother). For a younger audience, the film reveals various collisions about Liam's first love, the desire to make friends with his peers, and the complexities of school life. The general media partner of the film “It's a school, Bro!” Is a popular youth series “SCHOOL” on the national TB channel 1 + 1. The leading roles were voiced by the actors of the series “School. Countries: Canada, USA.
Ticket price is 70 UAH.
When - 1-3 January, 16:00, wh ere - Artynov - Creative space

Submission Smeshariki. big Adventure

Dear adults, present a fairy tale to your children. And you yourself can get away from the worries and troubles of a funny licensed performance from the creators of the animated series. Funny round friends Smeshariki want to spend their holidays interesting. The offers are very different: Veselun Krosh offers to travel virtually, the brave Hedgehog convinces to go camping, and the wise Losyash dreams of space. Find out what comes out of these ploys, you will not regret.
Ticket price - 100-180 UAH.
When - February 02, wh ere - the Officers' Club in Vinnitsa

Memorial evening for Kuzma Scriabin in Vinnitsa

Kuzma - you are a superstar! - time and distance dictate this expression. After all, the big is really visible from afar. On February 2, four years ago, he left without finishing, perhaps the most important song, the Ukrainian singer, composer, frontman of the group Skryabin Andrey Kuzmenko, better known as Kuzma. On the anniversary of his tragic departure, like-minded people, actors and not quite, with and without guitars, will gather, but with a bright memory of a talented and bright person who is so lacking on this Earth. Rock band Miy Doty will perform songs by Andrey Kuzmenko. You do not have enough sincerity and truth - come to the European Square, it will be cozy, we guarantee!
Free admission
When - February 3, 2019, wh ere - European Square (at the Tower), Vinnitsa

MALO - first concert in Vinnitsa

The music of Maxim Ruban (or just Little) is like an amazing melting snowflake that can be considered by a very attentive and thin person. The capital's guest will touch the hearts of Vinnytsia public and make this weekend truly unforgettable. The artist recently broke into the scene, but already won the hearts. Ukrainian Bob Dylan will be a great friend for this weekend.
The cost is 100 hryvnia.
When: February 2, 20:00, wh ere - Teatralnaya Street, 15

Well, what other guests will come to conquer the hearts of the Vinnitsa public, learn on the CityCard website.

Author: Инна Погрибная
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